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The Lakeside Cabins
at Chapleau Ontario

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Some News about
the Border Restrictions

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In 2021 our first week starts on May 29th.
Our last week starts on September 11th.

Our Guests from Canada must show proof
of having been vaccinated for COVID-19

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About the Cabins

Your Cabin for 7 Nights Includes a Boat, Motor and Unlimited Gasoline for each 2 Persons.

Cost & Scheduling in Canadian $

Can/U.S. $ Exchange Rate

How to Reserve Your Cabin

How to Get Here

Make a Road Map from your town to Chapleau

Visiting from the U.S.A. and Crossing the Border

Latest COVID-19 Border Crossing Rules.

What you should Bring from Home

What we Supply

Checking In and Out

See Cabin No. 1 (4 Beds)

See Cabin No. 2 (4 Beds)

See Cabin No. 3 (8 Beds)

See Cabin No. 4 (2 Beds)

See Cabin No. 5 (4 Beds)

See Cabin No. 6 (6 Beds)

See Cabin No. 7 (8 Beds)

See Cabin No. 8 (12 Beds)

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About the Fishing

Fish Pictures Taken by our Customers

Fishing Methods that work well

See the Chain of Lakes

Fishing Licences - kinds and cost

Bait Availability

Children Fishing

Fishing Seasons & Limits

Packaging Fish to Stay Legal on the Way Home

More Useful Information

Bringing Alcoholic Beverages into Canada

Fish Pictures Taken by our Customers

A Typical Catch of Perch

See the Fish Cleaning House

See our Boats

See our Boat Seats

See our Shower Buildings

See our Docks

Information about Chapleau
the Nearby Town

Your Hosts