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Please note that we do not supply bedding. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillows for each person in your group. Our beds have good mattresses.

Compulsory equipment for your boat which you should bring:

A life jacket for every person in your group. The life jackets must have the Department of Transport or Coast Guard approval label.

A flashlight for each boat.

Please bring also the following items:

A sleeping bag and pillows for each person in your group or if you prefer sheets and blanket. Our beds have good mattresses.

Hair shampoo
Face cloths
Toilet tissue
Sleeping bag and pillows for each person

Food for a week. We suggest that you bring enough food from home to last you at least two days. There is a good super market in Chapleau and if you run short during the week you can buy groceries here. Visitors from the U.S.A. can bring two weeks worth of food through customs duty free.

Fishing equipment including landing net and fillet knife. Consider bringing for each boat a large plastic bucket for keeping fish while you are in the boat. Many a nice catch is lost because a stringer broke or a clip opened up. The buckets can do double duty as containers on your trip to and from Chapleau.

Sun lotion and a broad-brimmed hat to avoid sunburn

First aid kit

Boat cushions for the boat seats. (our boats have plastic swivel seats)

Ziplock bags for packing fish

Rain gear

Coffee filters (any type will do)

Dish towels, dish cloth, dish soap and scrub pads

Paper towels for kitchen use

Kitchen type trash bags (with ties). Large bags when full are too heavy for our staff. We suggest that you hang a kitchen bag from the hook which we have in the kitchen for that purpose. When full, just put the bag in the garbage can outside the door. Garbage pickup is daily.

To save your back, avoid packing excessively heavy coolers and boxes

Please look here to see what we supply.

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