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Cabin No. 1 sleeps four people. It has four low beds and is one of Beau's 8 favorite cabins.

This cabin is in the most northern part of camp and sits high up on a hill with a beautiful view of Lake Chapleau. The front room sleeps two and is all windows which allows you to fall asleep and wake up surrounded by the beautiful views and sounds of nature.

Inside the cabin is a TV/DVD player and an old fashioned looking radio for local news and weather. The radio looks old but it has Bluetooth and lets you play music or audio books from your iPad or cell phone.

1-outside (89K)


no-1b (66K)

1-1 (68K)

1-2 (55K)

1-table (217K)

1-3 (62K)

1-4 (50K)

1-5 (40K)

1-6 (55K)

no-1c (142K)

view1 (56K)