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Buying Bait in Chapleau

Night-crawlers, tackle and lures are available at the Collins Home Hardware Store in the main business block in downtown Chapleau. Store hours are 7:30 to 5:00 Monday to Saturday. Tel: 705-864-1030.

Night-crawlers and minnows are also available at the 101 Gas Station and Trading Post. Here is how to get there: At the southern edge of Chapleau is the junction of Hwy. 101 East which heads towards Timmins. Drive along it about three minutes and you will see the gas station on your right. There you can also buy minnows and an entire flat of worms. Tel: 705-864-0330.

Night Crawlers (dew worms) are the most effective live bait here for walleyes and for perch. In our experience, crawlers work as well or better in our chain of lakes than any other live bait. Click here for more fishing tips.

You can also bring your crawlers from home or buy them when you stop to get your fishing licenses. If you bring crawlers from the U.S.A. to Canada, be sure to pack them in paper based artificial bedding and not in natural dirt or shredded wood bedding. Canada Customs does not want you to bring natural soil or wood based bedding across the border.

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