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Cabin 3 sleeps eight people. It has 2 beds and 3 bunk beds and is definitely one of Beau's most favorite cabins.

This cabin has 2 bedrooms, one with two bunk beds and one with two low beds, and there is also a bunk bed in the main area. This was the very first cabin built at Pellow's. Besides being the longest standing cabin at camp, it also has a unique and beautiful view because it sits up on the highest hill on the island.

It is the only cabin with a bar style counter top and stools. The Cleaning house is located directly behind this cabin and it is just steps away from the North shower house.

There is a screened in porch with a table and chairs for when you feel like enjoying the fresh Northern air and the beautiful view without the bugs.

In the cabin is a TV/DVD player and an old fashioned looking radio for local news and weather. The radio looks old but it has Bluetooth and lets you play music or audio books from your iPad or cell phone.

3-outside (63K)

3-porch (53K)

Cabin No. 3 seen from the lake

Below is what you will see when you stand outside the door of Cabin No. 3

The view from Cabin No. 3

View from the living room in May, before the wildflowers are out

3-counter (46K)

3-br (63K)

3-sink (51K)

3-lr (54K)