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Cabin 7 sleeps 8 people and has been known to be one of Beau's favourite cabins.

This cabin has 2 bedrooms, with two low beds in each bedroom. There are two single beds in the main area and two more single beds in a front addition on the cabin. This additional porch area is a beautiful spot to sleep in as it is all windows. The views, fresh air and sounds of nature will surely lull you into a deep and refreshing sleep at night and in the morning you will wake up to the sun and the birds.

Cabin 7 has an open concept kitchen/dining lounge area with two fridges. It is the most private cabin as it's the farthest away from all of the other cabins and boasts it's own private dock.

In the cabin is a TV/DVD player and an old fashioned looking radio for local news and weather. The radio looks old but it has Bluetooth and lets you play music, pod casts or audio books from your iPad or cell phone.

cabin7 (104K)

cabin7 (104K)

cabin7 (104K)

7-rainbow (35K)
The view from Cabin No. 7

The kitchen

Living area

Glassed and screened porch
Two of the eight beds are in the porch