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Cabin 4 sleeps two people and is one of our cozier cabins. And believe it or not, it's another one of Beau's favourites!

It has one bedroom with a single bed and there is another single bed in the main room. This cabin has a big window in the kitchen area that is perfect for viewing the lake and the wild flowers when they are in season, while you enjoy your meals at the cozy kitchen table.

This cabin has a full kitchen and has a lovely screened in porch with a table and two chairs that is perfect for enjoying the Northern views and sounds while keeping the bugs out. The fish cleaning hut is also very close to this cabin.

In the cabin is a TV/DVD player and an old fashioned looking radio for local news and weather. The radio looks old but it has Bluetooth and lets you play music or audio books from your iPad or cell phone.

Cabin No. 4
Cabin No. 4 in July during the annual show of wild daisies and lupins

Cabin No. 4
This photo of Cabin No. 4 was taken by Tyler Bradley

The view from cabin NO. 4
The view from the door of cabin No. 4

4-table (193K)

4-stove (29K)

4-porch (49K)

4-kitchen (41K)