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Internet Access - Mobile Phones - Pay Phones

Mobile Phones

Chapleau has good mobile phone service.

The cabins at receive a strong cell signal.

If you are visiting us from the U.S.A. your phone will usually work here. It is advisable that you talk to your provider before you leave the United States and make sure that the roaming capability of your device is activated and up to date.

Wi-Fi Internet

High-speed wireless internet access is available free of charge right on the camp property through our Wi-Fi Hotspot. You have to bring your own computer.

The wireless router is located in the small building that also contains the pay-phone. This building is furnished with table and chairs for convenient computing. The wireless signal reaches about 300 feet from there. If you cannot receive the signal right in your cabin, simply walk a few steps to the computer room.

Free Telephone

At the camp library there is a conventional telephone which you can use to make free phone calls to Canada or the U.S.A.